Class Descriptions

Musical Theatre

Legacy prides itself on training diverse performers! Musical theatre is where they get to do it all! Each semester students learn a medley from a specific show or composer.They will focus on vocal technique (pitch, projection, memorization), acting technique (confidence, projection, timing), and dance technique (spacing, performance, choreography). The class material is performed at our Showcases at the end of each semester.



Yes! Acting can be taught! Everything it takes to be a great actor is inside of you, waiting to get out! This class will introduce students to the exercises and methods used by actors to develop their craft with a special emphasis on improv and theatre games. Students will learn and improve in comedic timing, how to embody a character, and confidence! The class will share and demonstrate their newfound skills in a final showcase. Levels 5 & 6 even get to host a comedy night at Legacy!



From Broadway Stars to NFL players, ballet is foundation of all movement. Legacy understands the value of ballet in allowing your star to be limitless. Most performers get their start in the ensemble. Ballet is essential in landing the part! During ballet class, your star will improve in balance, coordination, alignment, posture, strength, confidence, and of course technique. Students will demonstrate technique acquired during Showcases.



Where Ballet gives you the foundation, Jazz gives y ou the style! All performers need Jazz technique to ensure they can grasp the numerous styles required in performing. From Annie to Hairspray, proper Jazz technique will give performers the ability to transition effortlessly between styles. Basic jazz class consists of a warmup (stretch/conditioning), across the floor (to work specific elements), and center combination (to practice learning choreography and improve performance). Jazz will improve coordination, flexibility, style, and confidence! A jazz number will be featured in each Showcase.



What do Fred Astaire, Shirley Temple, Hugh Jackman, and the Rockettes have in common? They can Tap! Many shows in musical theatre utilize this wonderful form of dance! Legacy Dreamers will have the opportunity to learn this discipline that is sure to set them apart and allow them to get the part! Legacy utilizes the Al Gilbert system to ensure your dancer will improve in rhythm, balance, style, and overall Tap technique. They will be tapping like Shirley in no time!

Boys Only Dance

We understand that boys don't always want to take class with so many girls! This class will allow the Legacy Dudes to have a class dedicated specifically to them! This class will focus on simple Ballet & Jazz Technique. Dream 3 - Dream 6

Vocal/Music Theory

The #1 class performance majors fail in college is Music Theory (and without it they can't graduate)! Legacy recognizes the importance of this by offering this specialized class to our Dreamers. Students will learn how to read music, sight read music, and even play basic piano! This college prep class will ensure they will be ready for any college audition and set them up for success through their Freshman year! Dream 5 & 6


Advanced Acting

Are you ready to dig deeper? Our Advanced Acting class will allow passionate actors to dive into advanced acting techniques, challenging texts, and even create their own material! Dreamers will explore Shakespearean texts as well as traditional acting methods such as Stanislavsky or Hagen (all before they graduate)! This course will also put the serious actor on the right track to succeed by choosing and performing an excellent audition monologue! Learn to collaborate, create, and shine in this exciting new class!

Contemporary/Improv Dance

"If you dance with your heart, your body will follow." Quoted by Mia Michaels, who practically created a new form of dance that became famous on FOX's "So You Think You Can Dance." Contemporary dance is a beautiful infusion of Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, Modern, and Hip Hop. This class is reserved for the Advanced dancer who has the physical and mental maturity to take on such a style. This unique class is by audition/invitation only. Dream 5 & 6 (DanceStars Only)

Summer at Legacy!

Looking for a way to keep your star inspired while still keeping them safe?

 Join us this summer for safe and connected fun at Legacy!

Please know, this information is being updated as quickly as we can, but is subject to change as new guidelines and restrictions are released from the Governor and the CDC. All camps follow strict COVID safety guidelines. (Students remain socially distant within small groups, classes will be held outside when possible, all surfaces are sanitized frequently, temperatures checked before each day, no snacks provided.)


Stay Safe & Connected!

Dream Camp

June 22nd-26th, 2020

9am-2pm, Ages 8-18

Cost: $400

Musical Theatre intensive!  Act, Dance, Sing and so much more!  Students divided by ages. 

*Virtual Zoom Option Available

Trolls Camp

July 6th-10th, 2020

9am-12pm, Ages 4-8 

Cost: $190.00

A BIG Summer! A week filled with all things Trolls 2! Act, Sing, Dance, Repeat and even enjoy special guest appearances from Poppy & Branch!

*Virtual Zoom Option Available

Camp Legacy

July 13th-17th, 2020

9am-3:30pm, Ages 7-18

Cost: $350.00

Act, sing, dance, dream! Performers get to do it all in this one of a kind week of camp!

*Virtual Zoom Option Available

Frozen Camp!

July 20th-24th, 2020

9am-12pm, Ages 3-6 

Cost: $190.00

Your star will have a blast learning songs and scenes from Frozen 2! Campers get to explore theatre games, songs, dance and even get a guest appearance from Queen Elsa herself!

*Virtual Zoom Option Available

DanceStar Retreat

July 27th-31st, 2020

Our intensive for competition dancers.


Broadway Summer Weekly Virtual Workshops!

Grades 2-12

Included with Camp Legacy, Students will have a truly ONE OF A KIND experience to work with these Broadway stars live!  Each week we will feature a new artist! Included with camp membership! 

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